Mission Fields Surround us. They are our own backyards, neighboring or far away states, and countries thousands of miles away.

A mission team oversees the many missions of Rolling Plains Church and is led by Pastor Botts. Please contact Alethea at 740-453-4192

Local Mission Fields

Bethel Community Center is a mission outpost for Rolling Plains Church.

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Forever Dads

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International Mission Trips



Mexico: Medical Mission Trip

Please call 740-453-4192 for more information.

Missionaries In Action

Rolling Plains UMC has been my church home since 1964 but to me, it's not just a place. As the body of Christ, this church lies at the very core of who I am as a believer and servant of God. After several experiences at Rolling Plains with short-term mission trips to Guatemala, God called me to full-time missions in 2011 with European Christian Mission International. While my home base is in Spain, my work takes me across Europe; training and coaching missionaries and leaders. What an amazing opportunity to share Christ's love in Europe and glorify His name on behalf of Rolling Plains United Methodist Church!




Mission Projects

Over 500 Shoe Boxes were brough in by the Rolling Plains Family. . As A collection center, we handled almost 12,000 boxes. Way to go Church!!

Operation Christmas Child Information

Advent Conspiracy. Spending Less to Give more throughout the world. This years projects are:

Pastors in North Katanga typically make 30 or less per month. Our Goal is to bless the pastors and their families, by raising their month salary to $100 and month and provide health insurance for them and their families

This Christmas, we invite you to join with Orange and Compassion International to provide kids and families financial security through the gift of chickens, goats, pigs, and cows!

Casa Mitspa, A shelter for mothers and Children at risk in Romania is look for our support. Unlinke the US, the Romanian government gives very little support to shelters and family programs. The cost to operate this shelter for one month it approximately $7000.00 . Casa Mitspa relies on the generosity of folks like you to make a difference for these families.