Daniel Fast 2022

Rolling Plains UMC ~ The Daniel Fast ~ January 10-31, 2022

We are encouraging everyone to share in a season of praying and fasting as we cry out to God to revive us, our church, our nation, and world. The Daniel Fast is taken from the prophet Daniel’s experiences as recorded in Scripture (such as in Daniel 10:3) we gain some insight into what he ate as part of his fast. Since the lists in Scripture do not go into exact detail of what he ate, we will focus on what we know he didn’t eat. In Daniel 1, he ate vegetables and drank water as opposed to the royal meal that was served. While seeking the Lord in prayer in Daniel 10:2-3, he did not eat bread, sweets, meat, and wine. At the end of his feast, Daniel’s desire to seek God and find Him was fulfilled. Let us enter into this fast with the same desire, filling our hearts as well.

Although we may not be able to replicate Daniel’s diet exactly, we have solid guidelines to follow. On the back of this sheet you will find foods that are included in the fast and those you will avoid. We will follow the fast for 21 days just as Daniel did, but we want to encourage you to not focus too much on what you should and shouldn’t eat. The most important part of the fast is your willingness to deny yourself physically in order to seek out God and grow closer to Him. Everyone’s diet will vary slightly.

Please discuss any dietary changes with your doctor if you have special concerns prior to beginning the fast, AND SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE IMMEDIATELY if you become lightheaded, dizzy, or pass out. There is no shame if the Daniel Fast isn’t for you. Prayerfully consider some type of modified fasting from something that requires a sacrifice on your part. Let us anticipate together what God might do in us and through us as we seek Him deeply in this season of praying and fasting.