Director Of Discipleship

Director of Discipleship Position

Rolling Plains Church

Rolling Plains Church is located in Zanesville, Ohio, which is 60 miles directly east of Columbus. Before the pandemic we were averaging around 500 in worship with a strong emphasis on children and student ministries. We are experiencing new life and God’s fresh wind in all areas of our church as we emerge from the global pandemic. The mission statement of the Rolling Plains Church is to Come as you are, Connect with each other, Grow in God’s Word and Prayer and Go in Jesus name and serve others. Rolling Plains Church strives to live that mission both inside and outside the walls of the church. We are a large multi-staff, regional church that God has called to reach out to those who have either never been to church or have become disconnected from the church. Rolling Plains has a long history of people sharing the work and life of ministry together and we want to return to that as people rediscover regular habits of church engagement.

Our Discipleship Pathway is called The Journey. God is calling us to help people find Jesus in the midst of the journey and to walk beside them through the process of our mission: Coming, Connecting, Growing and Going. Sunday morning worship both live stream and in person is infused with many first time guests. We desire to more effectively connect people to the ministry of the church in a way that would facilitate growth in their faith in Jesus Christ. This includes the process of leading people from the Door to the Core—taking people who walk in our doors for the first time and creating onramps for them into The Journey of becoming a fully devoted core follower of Jesus Christ as a core worshipper, core volunteer, core giver, core leader and beyond.

Rolling Plains Church is a small groups based ministry that involves life groups, ministry groups, and some Sunday Schools classes. Much of our discipleship happens in the many missional innitiatives we have locally, nationally and internationally. We see accelerated growth in people when they serve a ministry in the church and/or a mission outside the church. We engage strongly in our community with several of our local schools and have partnerships throughout Zanesville and beyond to further the Gospel and Kingdom of God.

We are looking for someone with a strong biblical orthodox faith to fall in love with the people of South East Ohio and the mission, vision and values of Rolling Plains Church in order to help individuals move closer to Christ in both word and deed. This position works

alongside the senior pastor and with the staff team especially integrating with our Family Life Ministries Director to ensure continuity through all age levels of discipleship. For more information please contact me at (740) 453-4192 or at

In the wonderful name of Jesus,

John Alice

Senior Pastor

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