Congregational Care Coordinator

The Congregation Care Coordinator will seek to build up and work with a volunteer team to make correspondences via in-person visits to hospitals, assisted living facilities, and homes to provide a touch of loving care for those in need in our congregation. This will also include phone calls, texting, and greeting cards as well.

Please see the Job description below. All inquiries can be sent to Pastor John at or by calling the church office 740-453-4192.

Position: Congregational Care Coordinator

To work with others to provide a church presence in the life of those who need a touch of care, mercy and encouragement in the body of Christ.


  1. Provide a level of care in time of need so that congregants feel the love of Jesus and His Church
  2. Work with our Lead Pastor, staff, and ministry leaders to help people remain connected to the body of Christ with a sense of being cared for


The Congregational Care Coordinator should be able to:

• Profess a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

• Manage time efficiently and effectively, with a strong emphasis on effective organizational and planning skills

• Demonstrate an ability to build teams and provide leadership that encourages continual growth and improvement

• Possess strong interpersonal skills which include: compassion, sensitivity, and recognition of non-verbal indicators within a conversation.

• Develop and maintain trusting relationships as well as being trustworthy.

• Exhibit leadership and an ability to organize people and events to complete tasks.

• Work independently and interdependently (team player).

• Display flexibility in dealing with change and seeing multiple perspectives.

• Demonstrate self-motivation, follow through and task completion.

• Show a sense of reliability and availability.

• Manage personal finances in a God honoring way while practicing the Biblical Tithe.

• Practice self-care, through personal daily devotion and prayer, regular worship attendance, commitment to a Life Group, and getting away for adequate family time.

The responsibilities of this position are as follows:

1. Coordinate a team of people that provide contact and visitation for those needing care in the body of Christ at Rolling Plains.

a. Track the needs and contacts made with those in the hospital, recovering, shut-ins, grief, as well as any other needs that may arise
b. Coordinate with the Lead Pastor the care needs of the church and assist with funeral services & the funeral dinner team.
c. Guide a greeting card ministry that provides cards in times of sickness, recovery, death and any other life crisis.

2. Work with the Prayer Team for follow-up of prayer requests and needs within the congregation.

3. Assist the membership secretary with follow up of those who have become disconnected or inactive.
a. Work with the Connections Coordinator to reach out to those who have been missing from church life
b. Utilize the greeting card ministry to send out cards to those that have missed church

Reporting Relationships/Supervision:

This is a part-time position (minimum of 15 hours per week) amenable to the Staff Parish Relations Committee per the Discipline of the United Methodist Church. This is a team position. It is important that the duties of this position be carried out in a cooperative and helpful manner relative to other staff, members, constituents and visitors of Rolling Plains UMC. The official policies for employment are contained in the Rolling Plains Employee handbook. The supervisor to whom this position reports is: The Senior Pastor. Performance reviews will take place yearly.