High School Ministry Coordinator

Rolling Plains United Methodist Church

August 2021 Position: High School/Young Adult Ministry Coordinator

The High School/Young Adult Ministry Director shall seek to foster a strong ministry program through building relationships with high school students and young adults, their families, local schools and church leaders that strengthen commitment to growth in faith in Jesus Christ

Qualifications: Formal training or 2-3 years experience working as a paid or volunteer ministry coordinator – especially with children 9th-12th grade or similar experience teaching children and coordinating programs/activities.


1. Introduce, instruct, and nurture high school age teens and young adults in their Christian faith and in life, through Bible study, prayer, fellowship, worship, service and missions.

2. Actively seek opportunities to partner with local schools and community groups.

3. Coordinate and lead Mission Opportunities for high school age teens and young adults

4. Maintain and increase our current E-Ministry programs (FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TEXTING, WEBSITE, E-MAIL, ZOOM, ETC.) to plan, prepare, and carry out Youth Ministry activities, events and missions

Competencies: The High School/Young Adult Ministry Director should:

• Profess a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

• Proven ability to work independently and interdependently (team player). Demonstrate self-motivation, follow through and task completion.

• Proven ability to organize people and events to complete ministry objectives. Ability to demonstrate and articulate use of Prioritization Tools relative to planning, execution, and evaluation of program goals.

• Verifiable strong interpersonal skills that include: compassion, sensitivity, conflict management, and recognition of non-verbal indicators. Understanding teen as well as parent/teen challenges.

• Establish and maintain appropriate boundaries with parents and youth (will require a thorough knowledge of Safe Sanctuaries policies and procedures after hire).

• Develop and maintain trusting relationships as well as being trustworthy. Proven ability to maintain and handle confidences and confidential matters.

The responsibilities of this position are as follows:

1. Oversee a Servant Volunteer Team to grow and expand RP Youth Ministries and its programs. a. Including but it not limited to, Sunday Night Groups, Sunday Morning Bible Study, Fresh Start, Youth Band, Thursday Small Groups.

2. Collaborate with Family Ministries Director and Director of Discipleship to establish activities, small groups, mission and church engagement opportunities for our college age young adults.

3. Develop a love and desire for mission and service among our high school age teens and young adults.

a. Identify opportunities that engage our high school age teens and young adults to serve inside and outside the church.

b. Help our high school age teens and young adults understand how their gifts can be used to serve God.

c. Actively participate in the ongoing program, outreach, and ministry activities of Rolling Plains United Methodist Church.

4. Maintain and increase our current E-Ministry programs

a. Use virtual tools to provide opportunities for Bible Study, Worship and fellowship throughout the week.

b. Provide access to virtual lessons when other programs and activities keep our high school age teens and young adults from being “in the building” for scheduled activates or lessons.

c. Maintain connection and community with our young adults living away at college and those staying in our community either attending school or joining the workforce including but not limited to text groups, care packages, re engagement activities during school breaks.

d. Maintain a social media ministry presence that aligns with the mission and core values of Rolling Plains.

Reporting Relationships/Supervision: The Youth Ministry Coordinator position reports to the Director of Family Ministries, and is amenable to an established Youth Ministry Council within the Church, and to our Staff Parish Relations Committee per the Discipline of the United Methodist Church. Formal performance reviews will take place yearly, supplemented with quarterly coaching to clarify, assess, and evaluate goals and develop future expectations.

This is a part time salaried position (approximately 15 hours a week). Work hours for this position will vary depending on the season and growth of ministry. Salary for this position will be determined based on experience & education and will be discussed at time of hire.