Join us are we pray our Breakthrough Prayer for Rolling Plains. Each Day we pray at either 5:16AM or 5:16PM or both. Set your alarm on your phone, pray with us, and anticipate the breakthrough God has in store for us.


Awaken the people of Rolling Plains Church to breakthrough into a new season fo fruitfulness. Forgive us of our sins and fill us with a hunger for your Word. Give us the courage to step out of the darkness of fear and let your light shine. Show us the favor of your great light, so that your Glory would shine through us as a beacon of love and tope to a broken and hurting world.

In Jesus name,


The Power of Prayer

Prayer means communicating with God. Prayer is the conduit between God and you. Without prayer, is it possible for you to have a relationship with God? Can a Church be thriving and growing without and active, dedicated prayer culture.

Psm 4:3 - Remember that the Lord has chosen the righteous for his own, and He hears me when I call to Him.

Psm 5: 1-3 - Listen to my words, o Lord, and hear my sighs. Listen to my cry for help, my God and my King. I pray to you, o Lord. You hear my voice in the morning; at sunrise I offer my prayer and wait for your answer.

Psm 55:17 - Morning, noon, and night my complaints and groans go up to Him, and He will hear my voice.

So, how do you request prayer from your prayer family at Rolling Plains?

  • Call the Church Office at 740-453-4192. If the office is closed, please select option 2 to leave a message and the prayer request will be received by a team member and added to the prayer chain.
  • Complete a purple prayer card during a Sunday worship service and bring it forward to the baskets in the front and it will be prayed over by the prayer team.
  • If you are in a life group, please contact your life group to pray with you and for you.
  • Leave your prayer request here and we will add it to the electronic prayer chain. Be sure to have an individual's permission before adding specific information about them to the prayer chain.

Prayer Recourses:

Prayer Team Requirements:

  • Commit to pray for a Ministry Group of the Church, Kelly Lee will discuss Ministry options with you, during your regular devotion time, in the comfort of your own home, in your car, or wherever you regularly do your time of prayer.
  • Commit to pray for prayer requests you are made aware of when you are made aware of them.
  • You may choose to join the 7:00 a.m. Thursday morning prayer team, but that is not a requirement

How do you join the prayer team?

  • Contact the Church Office at 740-453-4192 and we will get you connected to the Prayer Ministry.

If you are interested in learning more about prayer, please pick up a copy of The Circle Maker, Draw the Circle, God Calling, No wonder They Call Him Savior, The Happy Intercessor, Prayer Shield, God Is In The Tough Stuff, The Father Heart of God, or Seeing the City with the Eyes of God.